A Letter To CRWP Members

I’m delighted to announce that we will officially have the opportunity to change our name from Cannon River Watershed Partnership to Clean River Partners at our Annual Meeting on May 13. Because you have been such an important partner for the organization throughout the years, we wanted you to be “in the know” as we complete this transition. We did not make this decision lightly. CRWP has served us well for the past 30 years, but it was determined that there were better options to help us achieve our mission in the months and years ahead. A subcommittee of the Board did an excellent job of guiding us to this decision and the Board has ultimately approved the new name.

We have streamlined the name to Clean River Partners to allow us to invest more time helping people focus on our mission as opposed to explaining what our name means. The new name will be easier to remember and clearly focuses on our primary goal. We remain committed to all that our mission has to offer and we are excited for what the future will bring.

Clean River Partners will continue to work with other organizations and individuals to partner in making the Cannon and Straight Rivers and that land that surrounds them as clean as can be. We will continue to inspire people and organizations to value, protect and improve the land and water in the region. And, yes, we remain committed to building a community that protects our watershed and healthy soils and drinkable water.

We are proud of the 30-year history of Cannon River Watershed Partnership and we will honor that history by providing continuity as we advance the organization’s mission over the next 30 years under our new name of Clean River Partners. We want to continue partnering with you! Clean and healthy waters and lands are everyone’s responsibility. Please continue to do your part. We pledge to continue to support you and the community as we work to make our region the best it can be.

Again, thanks for all that you do on behalf of Clean River Partners. We hope you are as excited as we are about the new name and the changes it will mean for our future. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!


Kristi Pursell

Executive Director

P.S. I hope to see you at our Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 13, at 7:00 pm over Zoom!