CRP awarded MDA Crop Research Grant

Previous Research Published in Agronomy Journal The Minnesota Department of Agriculture awarded Clean River Partners a 3-year grant to continue researching Interseeding Wide-Row Corn with Forage Cover Crops. In 2019, Clean River Partners was awarded a three-year Sustainable Agriculture and Demonstration grant from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to assess wide-row corn productivity trade-offs in a dual-useContinue reading “CRP awarded MDA Crop Research Grant”

Like a Watershed: Looking Forward by Reflecting on Clean River Partners’ Past

As we welcome our Executive Director Jennifer Tonko, we are met with an opportune time to express gratitude for our history and all those who have contributed to Clean River Partner’s growth. In celebration of this time of transition and growth, Clean River Partners student worker Anna Klein spoke with several of our past Executive Directors and shares their reflections with us here.

Conservation efforts renewed in a complex landscape

Over the past 11 years, over 2,500 acres of high quality habitat have been protected within the Cannon River Watershed. Protection and restoration of natural areas in Southeast Minnesota has been a team effort. With funding from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, we’ve been able to collaborate with groups like the Trust for Public Land, GreatContinue reading “Conservation efforts renewed in a complex landscape”

Jennifer Tonko Joins Clean River Partners as Executive Director

Clean River Partners, the region’s largest clean water nonprofit, welcomes Jennifer Tonko as their next Executive Director. Tonko takes up the role in January. For over 30 years, Clean River Partners has worked with community, government, and industry partners to clean and protect Southern Minnesota’s rivers, lakes, and drinking water. The organization works with cityContinue reading “Jennifer Tonko Joins Clean River Partners as Executive Director”

Clean River Partners releases findings from its survey of consumer preferences for Kernza

With the University of Minnesota – Applied Economics Department and the University of Minnesota Extension – Southeast Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, we recently completed a study assessing consumer preferences for Kernza food products. Kernza is gaining in popularity, however, it is entering a competitive market. Our study found that consumers are willing to pay upContinue reading “Clean River Partners releases findings from its survey of consumer preferences for Kernza”