Conservation Habitat Restoration Project Meeting

Clean River Partners collaborates with people and organizations to build climate security and resilience in the watershed and its communities. To see the diverse range of conservation initiatives that Clean River Partners has been involved with, check out our complete project map below. Click the top left corner to view project categories.

Program Areas

Planting cover crops is linked to an array of improvements on agricultural land such as reducing erosion, controlling weeds, increasing soil productivity, and providing habitat. We play a critical role in increasing cover crop acreage in the Cannon River watershed. Clean River Partners’ Conservation Program helps farmers to implement cover crops to improve farmland and the land, water, and communities that surround it.

Increasing continuous living cover on the landscape has a range of benefits from reducing erosion, to providing additional income sources for producers. Southeastern Minnesota hosts many organizations developing alternatives to conventional, annual farming, and Clean River Partners is eager to help advance this critical movement.

The Cannon River watershed has an incredible abundance of unique habitats. Here we find prairies, savannas, forests, and various wetlands, all sharing the landscape with agricultural and urban areas. We work in diverse ways to restore and conserve these ecosystems to maximize the cultural, environmental, and economic benefits they provide for our community.

Watersheds are inherently complex things to manage and conserve. They seldom regard political or social boundaries, and people that inhabit them have radically different lives, ideas, and ways of using the land. To overcome these differences, we bring diverse groups together to more effectively protect the land and water we all depend on.

Clean River Partner’s Conservation Program regularly hosts meetings, field days, and workshops dedicated to educating agricultural practitioners and the public on conservation practices that can be implemented at farms in the Cannon River Watershed. We regularly partner with other local organizations dedicated to clean water and healthy soils to host and plan these events.