Explore the Watershed

Check out these resources to learn how you can explore the Cannon River Watershed and promote clean water!

Cannon River Watershed Map

Recreation Resources

The DNR‘s Recreation Compass is an interactive map of all state public lands, explore it here.

Explore other Environmental Organizations in the Watershed

Riverbend Nature Center, Faribault, MN
Citizens Climate Lobby-Northfield Chapter
Rice County Soil Water and Conservation District
Friends of the Cannon River Wilderness Area

What You Can Do to Promote Clean Water in Your Home

There are many ways you can conserve water and reduce pollution at your home and yard, helping protect the Cannon River’s land and water.

Some quick steps you can take are:

  • Install a low-flow showerhead
  • Build a rain garden to capture storm water in your yard
  • Properly dispose of pet waste and lawn clippings so they do not pollute the Cannon River
  • Avoid using pesticides and chemical fertilizers on your lawn
  • Contact your policymakers and urge them to support legislation for clean water
  • Spread the word! Help your friends and neighbors implement clean water practices
Historic map of the Cannon River Watershed
Historic map detailing the Scotts Mill, Faribault Grange Flour Mill, and the Alexander Faribault Mill

Feel free to call us at (507) 786-3913 if you have questions or suggestions to further engage with the watershed!