What’s Up With The Name Change?

By Clean River Partners Executive Director Kristi Pursell

In 2021, the CRWP Board of Directors is asking our members to vote to change the name of Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) to Clean River Partners. A name change is something that the CRWP Board of Directors has been discussing for several years. The process to explore options for rebranding has been in the works for more than a year, involving CRWP board members, staff, and a consultant. 

The historical answer to the question “Why change your name?” is that having the word Watershed in our name often seems as though we’re a governmental body, like a Watershed District or a Watershed Management Organization  and our member-led nonprofit is neither of those.

The response to the “Why now?” question is that the newly formed Cannon River Watershed Joint Powers Board (CRWJPB) which came into being in 2020 to implement the Cannon River Watershed Comprehensive Management Plan is a semi-governmental body, therefore we imagine the confusion over who and what CRWP is and does will be likely to increase, if we keep our current name. The world has changed since 1990 and our board members and staff have come to the suggestion that we need to adapt to these new conditions.   Our mission to inspire people and organizations to value, protect, and improve the Cannon River Watershed’s land and water remains the same. Our work also remains the same. It’s only the name and logo that’s potentially changing! We hope this helps to clarify the history, process, and all the due diligence that led up to this moment. We are excited to move deeper into the 21st Century with a new look and feel, but with the same values, mission and vision and we hope you are excited to support this big decision!