Wide Row Study

The use of wide row cover crop planting (solar corridors) is a relatively new, conservation-minded way of laying out annual crops on farms. While this method decreases the overall per acre yield of the primary crop, it has tremendous potential for increasing cover crop biomass, as well as improving soil and water health. Clean River Partners is involved in efforts to study wide row practices and their impact on the land and farm profitability.

Watch the video below to hear a full description of our wide row experiment and what we’ve learned so far.

One of the most effective ways to draw duel income from cover cropped areas is to directly graze the fields after cash crop harvest. Many of the farmers within our wide row study chose to graze their cover crop, with great success. Check out other cover grazing successes and learn more about the practice here on Forever Green’s YouTube Channel.

Background Information on Wide Rows

Below, learn about wide row growing tips from field day at Jim Purfeerst’s farm